Heartfelt Stories: Kudoz mini-doc

The members of the InWithForward team are the kind of changemakers we love. Seriously, they are pretty inspiring. Their mandate is to make, test, design, and spread social services. They brought us on board to make a mini-documentary about their program Kudoz, which is a learning exchange for adults with cognitive disabilities. The main goal of the video was to help with fundraising by adding a strong human element. It needed to be emotional and create empathy for the Kudo-ers (users of the Kudoz program) and their families.

The Approach

It was important to InWithForward to centre the video around the Kudo-er’s lives – as opposed to the design team – because they really wanted potential funders to get a sense of how the program touched the Kudo-ers and their families. We interviewed each of the Kudo-ers in their own homes to bring the viewer right into their environment. Rheanna had worked with InWithForward documenting the Kudoz prototype, so she was familiar with the program. This especially came in handy during the pre-production phase and when formulating interview questions. Sarah (one of the partners at InWithForward) and Rheanna worked closely to interview the subjects, each drawing on their backgrounds and strengths to elicit heartfelt responses. InWithForward was especially involved and valued as a collaborator on this project.

The Result

The Kudoz program has received funding for the next two years. The mini-doc showed the strong need for a program like Kudoz, and also the impact it has on users. InWithForward also uses the video as an introduction to the program on their website and at events. We continue to work with Kudoz to make videos targeted at different audiences (most recently a series of web films targeted to parents of adults with cognitive disabilities), and have a blast every time ;).