Facebook+video marketing, why it worked for Ballegro

Ballegro & STM

Ballegro Player is a one-stop-shop for dance teachers’ music needs. Veteran pianist, Yawen, would overhear the barriers dance teachers face regarding their music while playing for them. They gave her an idea to solve all professional dancers’ music needs with one app: Ballegro. After product development and the creation of a sales-convertable website, she needed some awesome content that generated traffic for Ballegro’s sales page.

To start, See Together Media made three videos for Ballegro. They were “top of the funnel” videos designed to attract dancers who had never heard of Ballegro and bring them to its website.


Once on Ballegro’s website, they’d find two “mid-funnel” videos designed to explain in detail why dancers would benefit from having the app. Yawen always knew she was going to use video in all stages of her sales funnel,

“[Video] is doubly effective these days. Ballegro is geared for dancers, visual people, it’s the #1 effective [content] for anyone, but particularly for dancers.”

The videos not only clearly communicated the problems Ballegro solved, but also showed potential customers what the app actually looked like and how it worked. An added bonus!


Ballegro’s marketing team first launched the app with a Facebook campaign without the video content, simply using copy and images as content. In the first week the results were good with a 5.9% CTR (click through rate), but in the following week it dropped off to 2.96%. Once the images were swapped out with the top-of-the-funnel videos the CTR climbed to a high of 8.98% and stayed in the high 7% for several weeks, virtually doubling the ad’s effectiveness.

Along with the high CTR, the videos’ overall-click-rate (any click on the ad) performed as high as the launch-week at 11.11% and maintained this for several weeks. Continuing this percentage past the initial launch was a win. With the audience preferring the video content, more people clicked on the ads for the same budget. The cost per click dropped 47%, saving marketing dollars.

Strategy Behind the Concept

Statistics show video is almost always effective, but tailored videos are the cream of the crop. Since the plan was to attract complete strangers to the Ballegro brand, we decided the videos would be short — great for a targeted Facebook campaign. They would also appeal specifically to the dancers’ pain-points. We also wanted dancers to share them on their personal pages to leverage organic social sharing, so STM wrote comedic scripts to make the top-funnel videos more shareable.

“Everybody loved the creativity and humor of the videos, they striked true and that’s why [dancers] laughed”.

The mid-funnel videos were more direct, perfect to transform interested leads into paying customers. And it was a pleasant surprise to hear website visitors commented that the mid-funnel videos were as enjoyable as the comedic top-funnel ones,

“[The mid funnel videos] are where I shared the desire and vision of what Ballegro is, and video was the best way to convey these.” Yawen comments, “How can we do that with just an image or text?”