Creating Growth: Vines Art Festival’s first year

The Vines Art Festival is a unique community-oriented outdoor festival blending art, dance, and environmentalism. Heather, the founder, reached out to us in the festival’s first year to create two videos with the main purpose of generating more funding. Our goal was to communicate the festival’s approach of spreading big ideas about sustainability through art and interaction.

The Approach

Our close discussions with Heather about her goals and values guided us to capture the feeling of Vines. A key element we discussed was the need to capture the range of activities happening at the festival, while emphasizing its focus on the environment. We made two versions of the same video: one short and one long. One video would be more appealing for social media (as a marketing tool for the next year) and the other for funders who wanted something meatier. For the longer video we grabbed impromptu testimonials, which not only would look good to funders, but could also be repurposed on Vine’s website.

The Result

In just one year Vines has grown from a one day to a four day event. Heather received grants from the City of Vancouver, MEC, Trout Lake, and the Georgia Straight – who made a direct compliment on the video. The video has helped with media relations, is a marketing tool, and has helped to interest more diverse and noteworthy artists to participate. Vines board of directors has grown, and Heather is working with interns, which she didn’t have before. The video testimonials we gathered have been used in grant applications and the website copy. And, they helped Heather see what events the festival goers enjoyed the most, providing important insight that she wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Heather brought us back again to create the 2016 video. Watch it HERE.


Heather Lamoureux, Artistic Director

“See Together Media’s footage and highlight video of Vines Art Festival exceeded my expectations. They took the time to understand the event’s mission and vision generating footage that reflected the feeling of the festival. They captured small but important details, not only the performers but the nature surrounding them. Rheanna and Brandon got to know the audience at the festival through film and I was so grateful to see and hear what they had to say post-festival. I wouldn’t have had time to ask them myself, and honestly, it’s a little awkward to approach people for testimonials, so I was happy that Rheanna and Brandon took the time to capture them.”